Synchronicity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ben Lovett

“Ben Lovett’s old-school synth score makes a particular effort to evoke the retro-futurist aesthetics of fondly remembered 1970s and early ’80s sci-fi films.”

“The Ben Lovett score, which plays like a wonderfully shameless love letter to Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack, is simply fantastic.”

"Heads-up, synth fans: Ben Lovett’s Synchronicity might just be this year’s It Follows.”
Films On Wax

“A gigantic marvel of amazement comes in the form of the film’s score by Ben Lovett.”
Icons Of Fright

“Ben Lovett’s spectacular, persistent, synthesized musical mix of percussion, piano, horns, and classical chorale swings between abstract atonality and fibrillating, unsettling sounds.”
Filmmaker Magazine

”This is without a doubt my first true love of 2016, a score that takes me back and on a journey through space and time. They don’t make scores like this anymore, seriously.” — Soundtrack Geek

“Likely to be a future classic… Ben Lovett’s sophisticated electronic score is a brooding, glacial synth masterpiece and one of the best scores of 2016.”

“The score, by Ben Lovett, is extremely groovy. This is a very stylish movie.”

”Ben Lovett approaches the score as if he time-traveled back in time.”
Film. Music. Media.

“One of the highlights is Ben Lovett’s score, a synth-laden ’80s throwback that makes sure you know it’s there in nearly every scene. Normally I get distracted when a score is so prominently on display, but in this case it complemented the nostalgic sci-fi feel of the film perfectly.”
Film Pulse

“The narrative is given a big boost by the Ben Lovett’s synth-laden score that recalls the iconic Vangelis music of Blade Runner.” 
Bloody Disgusting

“Ben Lovett’s hypnotic and propulsive synth music complements the subtle yet often adrenalized feel to the narrative, while such wonderful touches as a reel to reel player gives the movie its intended analog days aesthetic.”
Hollywood Outbreak

“Ben Lovett’s excellent score provides Synchronicity with a moody, trance-like soundscape.”
Sound On Sight

“Ben Lovett’s melancholic score recalls Vangelis without losing its own significant character.”
The Evening Class

“Ben Lovett's Moog-played score recalls Vangelis without aping him.”
Hollywood Reporter

”The score is a delicate balance of classic noir with movements that bring to mind the scores of Vangelis…it just adds so much depth and character to the visuals.”
Fears Mag

““Adding the emotions is an impressive score by composer Ben Lovett…recalling the synthesizer soundtracks of the 1980s, [the score] is haunting and romantic despite the seemingly alienating sounds utilized in the orchestration.”
Bleeding Cool

“Ben Lovett's soundtrack for this film is nothing short of WONDERFUL. If you the sound of early electronic artists from the 1970s and 1980s, you'll find a lot to appreciate here... stunning voyages into the world of instrumental electronics composed by a guy who obviously knows what he's doing.”
Baby Sue